You come upon a 22 year-old female on a hiking trail that is supine, unconscious, and has snoring respirations at 8/min. She has an obvious abrasion on her forehead and an open fracture at the midpoint of her right femur with a spurting arterial bleed. What is your first action? *

A hemothorax is *

Needle chest decompression is ideally done with *

You have a 50 year-old male patient that has fallen from a tree stand. He is complaining of left-sided chest pain and difficulty breathing. He is breathing at 32/min, HR 122, BP 144/92. During your assessment, you see paradoxical movement with crepitus on the left side of the chest from the midaxillary line at the fifth intercostal space extending anteriorly to the mid-clavicular line, with the third intercostal space as the superior margin. You should be suspicious of: *

You have an 18 year-old patient that fell rock climbing and is unconscious from a head injury. Respirations are irregular to apneic, HR 36, and BP is 218/148. He is presenting with: *